NamedMapTKey, TValueCoherencyIntervalMilliseconds Property

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API
Gets and sets coherency interval, i.e., the maximum allowed time between the last server read request and a TryGetValue(TKey, TValue) request before the client will retrieve the object from the server instead of the client cache (if present). A coherency interval of 0 means that the values are never served out of the client cache. Coherency interval is set to 0 by default, so TryGetValue(TKey, TValue) always retrieves latest value from the server.

Namespace:  Soss.Client.Concurrent
Assembly:  soss_namedcache (in soss_namedcache.dll) Version:

public int CoherencyIntervalMilliseconds { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Int32
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