RetrieveOptionsCreatePolicy Property

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API
Gets/sets the cache policy object to be used when a Retrieve(String, RetrieveOptions) operation is configured to transparently insert a missing object into the named cache using CreateHandler. The default is null.

Namespace:  Soss.Client
Assembly:  soss_namedcache (in soss_namedcache.dll) Version:

public CreatePolicy CreatePolicy { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: CreatePolicy

If null, the object being added will fall back to using the policy specified at the named cache level through the SetBackingStoreAdapter(IBackingStore, BackingStorePolicy) method (as implemented in an GetCreatePolicy(CachedObjectId) implementation). If no IBackingStore implementation is associated with the NamedCache (or if GetCreatePolicy(CachedObjectId) returns null), the object will then fall back to using the policy specified in the named cache's DefaultCreatePolicy property.
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