CombinerMK, MV Class

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API
Defines the signature for a combiner class, which can be used to perform the optional "combine" step in a MapReduce operation. A combiner compacts the locally-produced map output to minimize unnecessary data transfer. Since this is an optimization, no assumption should be made by the caller about how often (if at all) a combiner is invoked. The output of the MapReduce task with a combiner enabled will be identical to the output of the MapReduce task running without a combiner.
Inheritance Hierarchy

  Soss.Client.Concurrent.MapReduceCombinerMK, MV

Namespace:  Soss.Client.Concurrent.MapReduce
Assembly:  soss_namedcache (in soss_namedcache.dll) Version:

public abstract class Combiner<MK, MV>

Type Parameters

Intermediate key type.
Intermediate value type.

The CombinerMK, MV type exposes the following members.


Protected methodCombinerMK, MV
Initializes a new instance of the CombinerMK, MV class

Public methodCombine
Combines multiple values for a key into a single key's value.
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