InvocationGridBuilder Class

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API
An InvocationGrid factory class.
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Namespace:  Soss.Client
Assembly:  soss_namedcache (in soss_namedcache.dll) Version:

public sealed class InvocationGridBuilder

The InvocationGridBuilder type exposes the following members.


Public methodInvocationGridBuilder(String)
Creates an InvocationGridBuilder instance initialized to configure an InvocationGrid with the given name.
Public methodInvocationGridBuilder(InvocationGrid)
Initialize a new InvocationGridBuilder from an existing InvocationGrid.

Public propertyAllowClientCachingInInvokeCallbacks
Gets or sets a nullable boolean value that controls whether objects fetched in the invocation grid worker process during Invoke processing are allowed to be cached in the client cache.
Public propertyAllowFastReads
Enables/disables "fast reads" feature for invocations performed within this invocation grid.
Public propertyGridName
Returns the name of this InvocationGrid object as specified in the InvocationGridBuilder's constructor.
Public propertyInitializer
Delegate that will be run by each worker when the IG is loaded.
Public propertyInitializerArgument
Parameter's value for initializer's method of InvocationGrid.
Public propertyLingerTime
Gets/Sets the time for which the InvocationGrid loaded by this InvocationGridBuilder remains loaded after the application exits.
Public propertyLockOnRead
Gets or sets locking behavior for the invocation grid. If true, objects will be locked before they are read and passed into eval invocations, ensuring that other clients/threads will not change objects while they are being evaluated. The default behavior is false (locking will not be performed).
Public propertyMaxInvokeWorkerThreads
Gets or sets a nullable int value that specifies the maximum number of worker threads that the invocation grid's worker process may use. If null, the default number of threads is the number of logical processors on the system plus one.
Public propertyMaxWorkerCacheKB
Get/Set the maximum size of the invocation grid workers' client-side cache in kilobytes.

Public methodAddDependency(Assembly)
Ensures that the dependency and any assemblies referenced by dependency are copied to the hosts on which the invocation grid will run when the [M:Load] method is called.
Public methodAddDependency(Type)
Ensures that the Assemblies required by dependency are copied to the hosts on which the invocation grid will run when the [M:Load] method is called.
Public methodAddDependencyT(T)
Ensures that the Assemblies required by dependency are copied to the hosts on which the invocation grid will run when the [M:Load] method is called.
Public methodStatic memberAggregateIgServerNames
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Public methodGetIfExists
Obtains the InvocationGrid instance for loaded invocation grid with the name GridName. If the invocation grid instance with this name does not exist, the method returns null.
Public methodStatic memberGetIgServerName
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Public methodStatic memberInitializeAndGetIgServerName
Public methodLoad
Ensures that the worker processes corresponding to this InvocationGridBuilder's grid name are loaded and that the grid's dependencies are available on all hosts.
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