StatusCodes Enumeration

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API
Status code values returned by the StateServer runtime.

Namespace:  Soss.Client
Assembly:  soss_svcdotnet (in soss_svcdotnet.dll) Version: (

public enum StatusCodes

  Member nameValueDescription
CANT_INIT-101 Cannot initialize store access module (service not installed)
BAD_HANDLE-102 Invalid or stale handle
HANDLE_BUSY-103 Handle is in use for another storage operation
CANT_CONNECT-104 Can't connect to the local service
BAD_KEY-105 Null value supplied for object key
BAD_ARGS-106 Invalid arguments supplied for store access
CANT_ACCESS-107 Communications error accessing the local service
OBJ_EXISTS-108 Object already exists; cannot be created
OBJ_NOT_FOUND-109 Object not found; cannot be read, updated or removed
NOT_READING-110 A read operation was not in progress
APPNAME_INUSE-111 The application name is in use
OBJ_LOCKED-112 The object was already locked via another request
LOW_MEM-114 There was insufficient memory to create object
OP_FAILED-115 The operation failed
NOT_LICENSED-116 The client is not licensed to access the store.
NOT_READY-117 The server is not ready to perform this function.
TIMEOUT-118 A timeout occurred performing the requested function.
OBJ_READING-119 The object does not exist, but a read-through is in progress.
VERSION_MISMATCH-120 Version mismatch on optimistic concurrency update.
BAD_PROPERTIES-121 The object had an invalid property specification.
AUTH_NOT_NEEDED-122 This application does not use authorization.
MULTI_LOGIN-123 Another user is already logged in to this application name on this client.
NOT_AUTHORIZED-124 The user is not authorized to perform this function.
CANT_ACCESS_REM-125 Can't access the object from a remote store.
NO_ACTIVE_REM-126 None of the specified remote store exists or is active.
LCL_NAME_NOT_SET-127 The local store's name is not set.
PROXY_FOUND-128 A proxy object was found on a remote store read.
NOT_IMPLEMENTED-129 The requested operation is not implemented.
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