NamedMapTKey, TValue Properties

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API

The NamedMapTKey, TValue generic type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAutoCorrectStreamPosition
Controls the stream reading behavior when the serialized key/value elements are retrieved from in-memory data grid as the memory stream chunks. When using either XML-based or Json-like custom serializers to serialize keys or values, it might be necessary for NamedMapTKey, TValue to control the memory stream position after reading an individual key or its value out of memory stream.
Public propertyAvailabilityMode
Controls whether object replication is enabled for the named map.

Enabling replication provides fault tolerance, i.e., it ensures that no data is lost in case of host failure at the expense of increased memory and network utilization. If replication is enabled (AvailabilityMode.UseReplicas), the number of replicas created is controlled by the max_replicas parameter in the ScaleOut StateServer configuration. By default, object replication is enabled.

Public propertyClientCacheSize
Gets and sets the maximum number of key/value entries in the client cache. Client cache size is set to 10000 by default.
Public propertyCoherencyIntervalMilliseconds
Gets and sets coherency interval, i.e., the maximum allowed time between the last server read request and a TryGetValue(TKey, TValue) request before the client will retrieve the object from the server instead of the client cache (if present). A coherency interval of 0 means that the values are never served out of the client cache. Coherency interval is set to 0 by default, so TryGetValue(TKey, TValue) always retrieves latest value from the server.
Public propertyInvocationGrid
Public propertyKeySerializer
Public propertyMapID
Returns the integer value used as the identifier of the named map.
Public propertyMapName
Gets the map name.
Public propertyMaxServerRetries
Sets the maximum number of server request retries when a race condition between client requests occur.
Public propertyParallelOperationTransport
Public propertyValueSerializer
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