RetrieveOptions Properties

ScaleOut Software NamedCache API

The RetrieveOptions type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCreateArgument
Gets/set an argument that will be passed to the provided CreateHandler callback if a missing object is to be created. The default is null.
Public propertyCode exampleCreateHandler
Gets/sets the optional, custom object creation callback to use when an attempt is made to retrieve an object that is not in the cache. The default is null.
Public propertyCreatePolicy
Gets/sets the cache policy object to be used when a Retrieve(String, RetrieveOptions) operation is configured to transparently insert a missing object into the named cache using CreateHandler. The default is null.
Public propertyGeoServerReadMode
Gets/sets GeoServer "pull" replication behavior when retrieving the object from the StateServer. Default is None.
Public propertyLockingMode
Gets/sets whether the Retrieve method should attempt to acquire a StateServer lock when reading the object. Default is NoLockOnRead.
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