Obtaining Support

Before contacting ScaleOut Software for technical support, please review the Troubleshooting guide and the Frequently Asked Questions web page at the URL http://www.scaleoutsoftware.com/support/stateserver/sossfaq.html. This web page has the latest technical information regarding the use of ScaleOut StateServer and may have the answer to your question.

You can contact ScaleOut Software for technical and customer support via one of the following methods:

Method Address Purpose
WWW www.scaleoutsoftware.com To obtain information on the latest updates, product news, and technical issues.
E-mail info@scaleoutsoftware.com To obtain information on ScaleOut StateServer and other ScaleOut Software products.
E-mail support@scaleoutsoftware.com To ask technical questions, to report problems, and to obtain technical support.
E-mail sales@scaleoutsoftware.com To obtain sales and upgrade information.
E-mail feedback@scaleoutsoftware.com To provide feedback regarding ScaleOut Software’s products and services

ScaleOut Software makes its best effort to respond to all electronic mail inquiries within twenty-four hours.

When contacting ScaleOut Software for technical support, please include the following information in your electronic mail request:

ScaleOut StateServer(R) Problem Report Form

StateServer version number :
License key                :
Contact name               :
Contact e-mail address     :
Contact phone              :
Best hours for a callback  :

Description of the problem:

Exact system configuration (number of hosts in the store, network
subnets per host, network bandwidth, memory per host, number and type of
processors per host, etc.):

The output of the "soss query all" command and the "soss show" for EVERY
host in the store:

If the event log reported an internal error (ID = 22), please provide
the contents of the event log entry, including the two numeric values in
Data section after you click the Words format button: